Kids Club is free for children ages 1-6. Kids Club is offered only a few times per week, at very specific times, during Inferno Hot Pilates and Bikram Express classes.

Kids Club is ran by a handful of parents within the Energize Hot Yoga Santa Rosa community who have children who also participate in kids club.

Parents get to take class and get a wonderful workout while your kiddo/s are playing and having fun too.


Enroll your child in Kids Club at least 1 day ahead of time. You can enroll your child in kids club via e-mail, or by calling the studio at 707-545-9642.

We can also add your child into kids club a day or so ahead of time at the studio in person. A waiver must be signed upon first enrollment into Kids Club (at the studio). Parents/ guardians must sign kiddos into every Kids Club they attend in the Kids Club Binder. We can only have four kids at a time during kid’s club.

Go to the CLASS SCHEDULE TAB. Kids Club times are posted within the adult class times.